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Project Reveal: Stony Oak

Welcome to Stony Oak, our latest furnishing project reveal! Our clients bought this new build in wine country and hired our Marin County interior design firm to furnish the first floor for their young family of four. We selected beautiful, family-friendly furnishings to achieve the "Instagram-worthy" look they were after while creating a space that is practical and livable with two toddlers. Smart material choices were critical - think 100% wool rugs, sturdy wood, and leather.

Take a look at where we started!

We created a beautiful entry with a mirror to bring in more light, a while oak console with drawers for extra storage and the prettiest wool rug. These large baskets bring texture to the space and also a natural element.

Since this is a new build, we weren't going to do any construction, but we did make some minor tweaks to add some interest. This includes adding white oak floating shelves to the kitchen and bathroom.

We finished the kitchen with stools with backs and a durable runner that can actually be thrown in the washing machine!


In the living room, we added a chunky white oak mantel and swapped out the white shelves for white oak to add interest.

We added picture lights above the builtins for another layer of lighting and to fill some of the empty space. Oatmeal colored drapery adds interest and helps to complete the space.

While getting to know our client in the "homework" phase at the beginning of the project, we learned that Grandpa loves a good cocktail, and would be more willing to babysit with Grandma if he had a comfy chair to enjoy his beverage of choice. His previous recliner was not going to make the move to their new home, so we made sure to select comfy upright chairs with a sturdy arm + a side table to rest his drink.

To style the space we used some of the accessories that they already had and layered in additional items to add more color, texture and interest. We selected items related to travel (since they met on a travel-related reality show!) and wine country to really personalize their home.

Finally, we brought personality to their hallway with this record gallery wall featuring albums that are very sentimental to their family. Their dragons and vintage case containing a special trumpet add the finishing touch.

This was a fun one, and we love how the small changes + additions to their new home really take the home to the next level. Get in touch to discuss how our Marin interior design team can create a beautiful and functional home for your family too!

Photography by Jessica Brydson.


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