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Neutral Jungle Nursery Design

With this fun jungle art print selected as the jumping off point, and inspiration for the neutral jungle nursery design shared, it was time to find the furniture and accessories to bring it all together. The space already had this comfy glider (with super kid friendly fabric!) and a white dresser that would double as the changing table. This simple, light wood crib was selected to add a natural wood element to the space - plus it's inexpensive, looks great, and is durable. Something you might not think about when selecting a crib is that some babies will chew their crib, especially when teething. Another reason to go with an unpainted wood crib!

With the major furniture selected, we turned to selecting complementary art and the textiles - drapes, bedding, and a pillow for the chair.

Here's the design that was created for the neutral boy's jungle nursery.

Blue drapes and a blue flat weave rug were used to pull a little bit of color into the space. The jungle nursery theme was rounded out with additional fun pieces of art - this truck print, the safari print, and a customized pennant.

Stay tuned for the reveal of this fun jungle nursery!


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