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Designer Redo: Modern Girl’s Boho Blush Nursery

October 15, 2016

modern-girls-blush-nursery-remakeRecently, a momma-to-be reached out to me via Etsy after seeing this ‘xo’ print to ask if I’d be up for creating a custom watercolor piece for her little girl’s nursery. She had been obsessing over Emily Henderson’s blush and forest themed nursery, and wanted create a similar room for her baby.

I’m a huge Emily Henderson fan myself, so was happy to reimagine my print to fit her take on Emily’s modern boho nursery. This inspired me to create two remakes of the original nursery using my ‘x’ and ‘o’ blush/peach watercolor prints. I decided to forgo wallpaper (it can be a total pain and is a big commitment), and the daybed (love the idea but not totally practical for everyone). Here’s what I came up with!

Option 1:


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It’s hard for me to choose a favorite in this room, but I think it might be this Max Wanger white horse print by a hair. He’s one of my favorite photographers because his prints are simple, yet serene. I love that the print + the forest floor rug play to the forest theme but in a more subdued way.

Option 2:


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This version is a more fun/boho take on the nursery, with the ‘x’ ‘o’ prints horizontal over the crib. The forest theme is pulled in through the rose bush print, throw pillow and the tree stump side table. I love the pink moroccan style rug and the pom pom basket, both pieces compliment the art but aren’t over the top.

So there you have it! Which version do you prefer?


Top image source: Emily Henderson

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